Kamis, 03 Februari 2011


a walk on the edge of the abyss
thinking about dear girlfriend
where are you now
only you who love me

the nights a lot of ghosts
too many birds terukuku
why your character is so
to the point that I could not meet with you

santi good morning,, good morning susan
you left me so cold
I could not eat nor drink
because I'm lonely


4 komentar:

penaberkala mengatakan...

not eat nor drink
bathing basah tak, sleep lena tak?

anisayu mengatakan...

nice poem, i like it but i cant write enghlis hix....

vicy mengatakan...

Hello!!Thank for visiting my blog. Just followed you back. Thanks again.


M, Irfan El-Qindy mengatakan...

thanks to you all

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